Benefits of Cryotherapy

Athletic Recovery

Cryotherapy has gained a lot of popularity in sports medicine for its effectiveness in aiding fast athletic recovery. The therapy induces a natural anti-inflammatory effect in the body, which alleviates the inflammation that result from strenuous training sessions. This confers the following benefits to athletes: 

Accelerated muscle repair
Quicker healing of injuries
Less recovery time after training
Decreased soreness of muscles
Improved immune system
Increased blood circulation and improved oxygen supply
Better endurance

This means that after a punishing gym workout or a strenuous game or training exercise, athletes can resume training sooner and train harder after a whole body cryotherapy session since it leaves the muscles revived and recharged. 

Pain Management

Cryotherapy induces production of pain blocking endorphins. These hormones provide relief from pain and enhance pleasure. Pain management through cryotherapy assists in the treatment of muscle and joint injuries by allowing one to train through pain hence promoting fitness and faster recovery from injuries.

Overall Health and Wellness

Studies have revealed that cryotherapy triggers a chain of reactions that promote overall body health. When cooled abruptly, the body’s surface nerves trigger responses from the brain that cause flow of blood from the outer portions of the body towards the joints and internal organs. This leads to improved circulation of nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to all parts of the body especially the vital organs.  

Vasoconstriction and vasodilation of the skin’s blood vessels occurs during and after cryotherapy respectively. This causes the breakdown and flushing out of toxins within the skin layers. Collagen production is also activated in the deeper layers of the skin by the hyper-cooling process and this together with detoxification leaves the skin healthier and firmer.

The effective use of whole body cryotherapy to promote fitness especially in sports has been very promising and certainly a more desirable option to older methods such as ice baths. This is because, unlike ice baths, which are uncomfortable and require more exposure time, whole body cryotherapy treatments only require a short exposure time for optimal results adding comfort and convenience to the user. If you live in the NY, our cryotherapy NYC service will suit all of your cryo needs!

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