NormaTec Recovery System

The NormaTec PULSE Recovery System uses dynamic compression and a patented PULSE technology to help athletes recover from training sessions faster. The technology was created by a physician bioengineer to help increase blood flow to help aid recovery.  The PULSE massage pattern has 3 techniques that speed recovery:

  • Pulsing:: The patented pulsing action mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms which enhances the movement of fluid throughout the limbs after a strenuous workout
  • Gradients: NormaTec PULSE uses hold pressures to prevent tapering pressure off to deliver maximum pressure in every zone desired
  • Distal Release: Sequential Pulse technology releases hold pressures once they are no longer needed to prevent back flow. Long periods of static pressure can be harmful to the body's circulatory flow, so the cycles of pressure and rest time helps the limbs gain maximum recovery.

Who uses NormaTec: Noah Olsen (Crossfit), Jason Khalipa (Crossfit), Craig Alexander (Ironman Triathlete), Linsey Corbin (Ironman Triathlete), Larry Fitzgerald (NFL Arizona Cardinals), Monta Ellis (NBA Indiana Pacers) and more!