How Cryotherapy Can Benefit You

At CryoCentral, our mission is to enhance performance by aiding their recovery. Cryotherapy, our main service, is the perfect treatment for a recovering athlete. However, everyone can benefit from a cryotherapy session. Along with muscle recovery, cryotherapy can also be used as a way to alleviate chronic pain and as a skin care treatment, just to name a few. But, how does cryotherapy work? And what are some additional benefits? Let’s break it down.

How It Works:

Cryotherapy is an anti-inflammatory treatment. This means that the extreme cold works as a way to reduce swelling and inflammation in the body. This is a result of the circulatory system’s response to the well-below freezing temperature. During the 2-3 minute session, vasoconstriction occurs in the blood vessels which push the blood away from the extremities and into the body’s core. Immediately after the session, the opposite process occurs: vasodilation brings the now highly oxidized blood back into the body’s extremities. This reduces inflammation and swelling while simultaneously repairing and rehabilitating the muscles. It also releases endorphins from the brain which are known as the “feel good” chemicals that put you in a better, upbeat mood!

What It Helps:

1.    Muscle Recovery - The dual process of vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation reduces swelling and tension in the muscles. This helps the muscles repair and rehabilitate after a hard workout; helping you recover faster which lets you train harder

2.    Alleviates Chronic Pain - As cryotherapy works as an anti-inflammatory treatment, it helps relieve pain in the joints, muscles, bones, etc. Some common conditions treated with cryotherapy include arthritis, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis

3.    Skin Care - Exposure to the extreme cold breaks down toxins in the deep layers of the skin. This helps rid of bacteria that can cause acne and other skin ailments. Furthermore, the low temperature aids in the increase of collagen production, which tightens the skin and prevents wrinkles. Cryotherapy can also be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Some Additional Benefits:

1.    Increased metabolism that can lead to weight loss

2.    Reduction in stress and anxiety

3.    Improved sleep patterns

4.    Boosted immune system

5.    Increased endorphin production which can act as a mood enhancer

Cryotherapy, although created as a way to help athletes recover, can benefit just about anyone. The best way to see how it can work for you is to give it a try!