Importance of Recovery

Recovery is the time in between workouts that enables your body to respond to the stress imposed upon the muscles from exercise. It includes repairing any damage to the tissues as well as replenishing energy stores within the muscle. These processes prevent the breakdown or deterioration of the muscle - which would make your hard work at the gym for naught. It also decreases the likelihood of training-related injuries. All of this is essential to a healthy athletic lifestyle. Skipping recovery leads to overtraining, this in turn decreases energy levels in the body (which are being pushed to their limit without adequate time to restore themselves). Low energy levels not only mean poor workouts; it can also affect your health. Overexertion can cause fatigue, insomnia, susceptibility to injury, and persistent soreness in the joints and muscles. 

There are many ways to recover. Sleep is probably the most important aspect of a healthy recovery. Other crucial elements include hydrating the body and fueling it with the proper nutrients. At CryoCentral, we maximize recovery by offering various services all aimed at helping your body heal and rejuvenate faster and more effectively. Cryotherapy is our powerhouse tool of recovery (see full explanation of the process and benefits in previous blogpost), but it is not the only one. We also offer Normatec PULSE massage sleeves that help mobilize fluid and lactic acid build up in the muscles, alleviates soreness and increases circulation. They can be used for the arms, legs or hips. Compex muscle stimulation (or electric muscle stim) is another tool in our box. This reduces training fatigue by directly stimulating the muscles; which, again, prevents muscle and joint damage. Switch to a different setting and Compex can also be used as a supplement to your workout. The electric stim is FDA approved to increase muscle strength, density and size, as well as aiding recovery. Finally, kinesiology taping is our last tool. The tape can reduce pain, decrease swelling and delay fatigue. It can be used both during and after workouts.  All of these services can be used to help you recover faster and more effectively, which helps you train harder and live better.