4 Key Benefits of Cryotherapy for Training

For those that train and put their bodies to immense strain and pressure daily should absolutely utilize Cryotherapy. These are the 4 key areas in which Cryotherapy will help benefit your body as well as your training:

1.    Inflammation: With the rigorous amount/load you are putting on your body as a whole, your body is going to build up an immense amount of inflammation. Cryotherapy will help aid in decreasing that inflammation and allow you to recover much quicker.

2.   Recovery: As previously mentioned, when your body is under so much stress, it can often resist and not perform which is a sure sign your body hasn't yet recovered. The good thing about Cryotherapy here is that this will “wake up” your muscles and help to speed up the recovery process allowing you to have zero restrictions. The instant endorphins you will receive immediately after a session will make you feel like you can train for hours!

3.   Sleep: For those that train late at night, loss of sleep could be an issue. Lack of sleep not only decreases your growth and recovery but it also can put a strain on your everyday activities and responsibilities. Believe it or not, even with shorter hours of sleep, Cryotherapy will still allow you to feel as if you got your full 8-10 hours of sleep. How? Again, it helps to speed up your recovery, releases natural endorphins which gives you tons of energy and focus and overall will help with sleep patterns.

4.  Joints and ligaments, which act as rubber bands are what the muscles are made up of. However, when overly stretched, this can cause a ton of pain or worse a tear. So what Cryotherapy does is it reduces those aches and pains by stopping the flow of fluids to the tissues which is what causes you to have these problems.