How did we get into the Cryotherapy business?

One of our owners, Jeff Esquillo, first came across cryotherapy when he noticed it on ESPN.  Athletes such as Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather, and Cristiano Ronaldo were using cryotherapy as a means of muscle recovery and to stay fresh as part of their training regimen.  Jeff’s background in crossfit, powerlifting and general fitness enticed him to look further into the science behind cryotherapy as it was a new technology he had never seen before.  Jeff approached his best friend since grade school, Danny Pozo, about the idea of opening a cryotherapy business together.  Danny, like his partner Jeff, was interested in the fitness lifestyle and regularly trains at his local gym 4-5 days a week.  Together, Jeff and Danny saw the popularity of cryotherapy in the west coast and wanted to bring this innovative technology to Hoboken, NJ. 

Along with cryotherapy, Danny and Jeff have built a business model dedicated to helping out the local fitness community. Hoboken is quickly becoming known as the fitness hub of the tri-state area boasting over 40+ fitness related facilities in the densely populated city.  From crossfit, powerlifting, running clubs, wrestling gyms, MMA gyms, etc… Hoboken is home to one of the fittest communities around.  Knowing the characteristics of the city, Jeff and Danny targeted Hoboken specifically for their first location. 

One month since opening, CryoCentral has served the community as one of the only “recovery centers” around.  They offer NormaTec Recovery systems, inversion table therapy, muscle stimulation, and kinesiology taping in addition to the vastly popular cryotherapy treatment.  Cryotherapy was designed to help athletes looking for an edge in their training regimen, provide clients with chronic pain management alternatives, and deliver anti-aging benefits as well.  To learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy, be sure to read the “About Cryotherapy” section on!