What to Expect Before, During and After a Cryotherapy Session

Here at Cryocentral, many of our clients are first-timers. This means that, prior to coming in for a session, they had never experienced cryotherapy. Oftentimes, they are nervous and don’t know what to expect; so let’s break down the process.

Before the session:

Prior to the session, first time clients will have to fill out a waiver which includes a cryotherapy physical readiness questionnaire. This is simply a list of contraindications: specific conditions which would inhibit someone from partaking in a cryotherapy session. After the waiver is complete, all clients (first-timers or seasoned veterans) will have their blood pressure taken to make sure their systolic number is under 160. 

Once the client is ready for the session, they will make sure all metal (jewelry, piercings, bras with under wires, etc.) are removed. They will then get undressed to the level of their comfort in the changing room; males, however, must keep on their underwear. They will then put on the socks, slippers, gloves and robe that are provided. Once ready, they will come out of the changing room and step into the cryotherapy chamber. Once inside, they will hand the robe to the technician and begin the session. At no point is the client left alone in the chamber.

During the session:

First-timers are limited to 2 minutes for their first session. After the initial session, 3 minutes is the maximum time allowed inside of the chamber. However, clients are able to finish the session at any time - there is no mandatory minimum.  During the session, the temperature will drop down to around -230 degrees fahrenheit. Don’t get scared by the number! While it is cold, it is not unbearable or painful. The client will feel the cold, nitrogen gas float around their body. Because the gas comes from underneath the client, the legs are the parts of the body that are exposed the longest to the cold. For many clients (myself included) this causes a slight pins and needles feeling behind the knees. This is normal and to be expected. It helps to bend the knees or move gently around the chamber. Once the two or three minutes are up, the technician will crack the door open just slightly to let all the cold air out. They will then hand the robe back to the client who will put it on then exit the chamber.  The client can then go back to the changing room, dress and gather their belongings. 

After the session:

Since cryotherapy is a dry process, the client will warm up almost immediately. It is, however, normal to feel cold to the touch; especially on the legs. After the session, clients usually feel very energized. Cryotherapy releases endorphins, which contributes to feeling happy, upbeat and enlivened. People who are using cryotherapy for muscle recovery or chronic pain will find that the soreness or pain they felt prior to the session has diminished or in some cases subsided. After the session, there are no restrictions on what you can do.

                                    Getting ready to hop in the cryochamber!

                                    Getting ready to hop in the cryochamber!