My Recovery with Cryotherapy - David G.

In Today's society, we are surrounded by advertisements which paint a picture in our mind of the kind of bodies we should have. We see these advertisements on magazines, billboards, Instagram pages, etc… When we see them, a part of us wants to rush to the gym and work out all day!  We train, but most people forget that recovery is the most important and critical part of training.  When we ignore recovery, we limit our growth, but more importantly, we put ourselves at risk of injury.  

Like many athletes, I began weightlifting in high school.  Football has always been a passion of mine, so I decided to join the team.  My football career ended rather shortly at practice before our first game due to a broken collarbone.  The coach called me in to play running back, and I must have been 100lbs soaking wet. The other kids on defense looked as if they were about to be drafted by a NFL Team.  I ran up the field maybe about 4 yards, which felt like 4 miles, and I was quickly met by a linebacker. Before I could grab a white flag and raise it in the air to surrender, I was already on the ground flat like a pancake.  

Once I recovered, I knew I wanted to hit the gym and become stronger and faster than ever before.  I spent mornings before class and after class in the gym, but I quickly came to realize that working out without recovering would have its consequences.  I began having unbearable pains in my shoulder every time i worked out.  At first i thought it was a back issue, but as it turned out, i was told I had bursitis in both shoulders.  Bursitis causes inflammation, which causes irritation and pain. I was taking anti-inflammatory pills to try and suppress the pain.   Weightlifting became a huge part of my life, but the pain would not let me enjoy it.  

I came across cryotherapy and decided to give it a shot.  I decided I wasn't going to let pain ruin my life.  After my first session, I expected it to be a lot colder, but as it turned out it wasn't too bad.  I felt my shoulders getting cold and I felt relief.  I stepped out of the chamber and my body began warming up and I felt like I had hit the reset button on my body.  I also remember sleeping, so peacefully that night.  I began lifting again and included cryotherapy in my routine and I was able to strengthen the muscles around my bursa which helped reduce my pain.  Although I will probably never make it to the NFL, I’m happy to have my quality of life back.