Drop It Low: The Benefits of Squats

Glorious Squats!! You've either experienced and reaped the benefits of leg day with wobbly sore legs the day after, or have heard of people being sore after leg day and avoided doing heavy squats. 

But did you know that those glorious squats that have you wobbling the day after have many benefits? There's a range of benefits that are associated with squats, here's just a few. 

1. Strong & Powerful Muscles

 Squats allow you to handle a large amount of weight and stimulates the size and strength of your muscles in you lower body. You can literally build your leg muscles with just this one exercise. 

2. Squats Burn More Fat

Not only are your quads, glutes, and hamstrings engaged when squatting but also your abs, obliques, spinal erectors, and to certain extent your calves as well. You have multiple muscles working in one exercise!! On top of that, you build more muscle while squatting. And building more muscle burns more fat. The more muscle on your body, the more calories that are burned while you're training and at rest.

3. Reduces Injury Risk

Most injuries are due to weakness and imbalances. The chances of injury can be decreased by strengthening the muscles that are prone to causing injury such as our hamstrings and hip stability, other ligaments and tissues. 

4. Improved Core Strength

As already mentioned your core is engaged while doing squats. It is forced to work extra hard to support your lower back and keep you upright, thus contributing to a stronger core. Improved core strength protects your lower back from injury and stimulates muscle growth and obliques (get that 6 pack!!). 

5. Increased Mobility & Flexibility

Squats increase the range of motion of your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back, thus increasing your mobility and flexibility. 

Squats are an amazing exercise, and it's important to ensure that you have the proper form to avoid injury and to get the ideal results. It's also important to remember not to overdo it and let your body rest. And if you want to speed up your muscle recovery, come out and try Cryotherapy, you'll be back to dropping it low in not time! 

- Christine C. (The Fit Wanderer)