Cryotherapy When it’s Cold – Why Not?

When people seem to think of cryotherapy, they initially relate it to fairly cold temperatures. Yes, that maybe true, but you should also consider relating it to muscle recovery as well.  Recovery should be considered all year round. Dedicated gym goers don’t change their schedule when it starts to get cold out, so why would you change your recovery schedule?  By making it a habit to recover your body with cryotherapy, proper stretching, and a well-balanced diet, you’ll be making sure your body gets the proper attention it needs all year round.

The cold has been a proven aide in reducing inflammation and enhancing recovery.  There’s a reason why avid runners prefer to run in colder temperatures than in warmer, more humid temperatures. The human body adapts to the cold, regulates itself against the cold, and gets stronger.  So, do not fear the cold, embrace it! Although most people will agree they do not like being in cold temperatures, we bet that most would expose themselves to it if they were informed about the benefits.

So whether you are new to cryotherapy or interested in trying it out for the first time, don’t let the cold outdoors stop you from doing session.  Come find out why professional athletes, models, actors, and more are incorporating cryotherapy into their lifestyle!