Polar Plunge? 2018 is all about the CRYOTHERAPY FREEZE!

The Polar Plunge is an annual event held during the winter season where participants enter a body of water despite the below freezing temperatures.  The participant is left painfully freezing cold after spending no more than 1 minute in the water. Cryotherapy surprises a lot of our new clients because a cryotherapy session is NOT as painful as people think! Not to mention it has muscle recovery and skin anti-aging benefits as well.

The Polar Plunge is an event where many jump into ice cold water in freezing temperatures.

The Polar Plunge is an event where many jump into ice cold water in freezing temperatures.

Unlike the polar plunge, a cryotherapy session’s cold is gas based where the polar plunge is liquid based. Gas based cold does not penetrate your skin, so you won’t get that ‘cold to the bone’ sensation you feel when you’re in freezing cold water.  This gas based type of cold allows you to stay in for up to 3 minutes and stays only on the outer layer of your skin. 

Lebron James knows how to keep that body ready even at age 33.

This is exactly why professional athletes are moving away from traditional ice baths and more towards cryotherapy. Typical ice bath recovery sessions last about 15-30 minutes. Cryotherapy sessions are 80% shorter and you get the same benefits you would in a longer ice bath session! More and more professional teams have purchased cryochambers for their own facilities and have made it a staple in their athletes’ recovery programming. Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, and more have their own cryochambers in their household!

The beautiful Rita Ora getting her cryotherapy on at -204F.

Rita Ora, Lebron James, and Cristiano Ronaldo all love cryotherapy. Celebrities across Hollywood have praised cryotherapy for its anti-aging and overall wellness benefits. People have noticed younger, smoother looking skin after just 10 sessions of the treatment.  Some have made it more of a routine visit and have memberships at their local facility. 

So What Are Some of The Benefits of Cryotherapy?

Quicker Muscle Recovery

Increases Metabolism to Burn Fat

Joint Pain Relief

Smoother, Blemish-Free Skin

Reduced Wrinkles

Stress Reduction

Provides Relief for Several Muscular Diseases

Improves Sleep Patterns

Promotes Healthier Skin Complexion

Never tried a session before? 2018 is your chance to try one of the fastest growing trends to hit the fitness industry! Cryotherapy was named one of the Top 8 Fitness Trends for a Fitter 2018 by the Daily Burn. So if you haven’t tried it yet, make 2018 the year you jump into the ice age and get your FREEZE on for RECOVERY!